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The Bestselling Author: Attract Your Fans, Gain Instant Influence & Get The Sales You Deserve

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Have you ever wondered what best-selling authors have that you don't? 

What are they doing to get their books on the bestseller lists?

What is their secret?

The answer is, in one simple little word: PLATFORM.

THE BESTSELLING AUTHOR will show you step-by-step how to successfully construct a platform that works for you that sells books, makes you more money, and helps you grow a lasting fanbase.

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What is a platform?

The platform has very little to do with the actual book or books you have written.

It has everything to do with: How many people you can offer your book.

It also is a good indication of how many people have read your work, bought your books, subscribed to your emails, read your blog posts, or followed you on social media.

A platform is a group of people; it is your reader fan base.

Finding and influencing as many of them as possible as often as possible is the key to building your platform. It's real work and it's not easy especially when you don't have a clue on how to start or what to do. but once you dedicate some time and effort to building your platform, you will reap the benefits.

THE BESTSELLING AUTHOR features 19 tips on building a lasting platform, including:

  • How to get other authors and influencers to promote you and your book to their audiences... even if they don't know you from Adam today.
  • How to optimize your Amazon Author Central page so it makes you money
  • How to advertise your book on other author's Amazon book listings... and they'll love you for it
  • How to gain new readers and sales with Goodreads that 99% of other authors just don't know how to do

In essence, an author platform is a relationship you build with your readers over a lifetime. And an author platform is what separates truly successful authors from merely talented ones.

THE BESTSELLING AUTHOR is the road map on how to get there.

In fact, here's what Amazon reviewers are saying about the book...

"Authors Daniel Hall, Amy Collins, and John Rhodes combine their impressive credentials and experience to bring some much needed advice for achieving success for authors – both artistically and financially!"

Using cogent and keenly structured advice, the authors gain our interest, and confidence, with their introductory comments, such as: ‘How many people have bought your books, subscribed to your emails, read your blog post, or followed you on social media? That group of people is your reader fan base. And, importantly, if you wanted to send a message to these people, how would you send it and how many of them could you reach? That 'reach' is your platform.’ That stimulating question and added info is the basis of this exceptionally helpful book – that the platform is the relationship between writer and reader."

Presented as a list of tips for success, the advice offered here is not only valuable, but also enlightening. How many of us really understand how to utilize the various forms of social media, blogs, and all the other new tech methods of communication? After reading and incorporating the information passed along by these three experts, those heretofore ‘challenging’ concepts become readily accessible."

Accompanied by entertaining and enhancing graphics, the tips include building daily habits to create/enhance your platform, connecting (and how to), staying current, establishing an author’s blog (how to), be a podcast guest, Livestreaming, optimizing Amazon Author Central, Pinterest posts, Goodreads author setup, using and integrating fellow authors, and more. Each of these steps is thoroughly presented and discussed in a manner that makes building a platform accessible. And they add, ‘Building a platform takes an investment of time, energy, and money…And yes, a big part of platform building requires you to continue to write and publish new material. It is indeed a balancing act but it is one that you can – no, MUST- do if you’re serious about your long-term success.’

Solid advice, well presented, makes this book invaluable to authors. Highly recommended."

Grady Harper, Hall of Fame & Top 100 Amazon Reviewer

You can find dozens of other Amazon reviews here... but you get the idea.

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You get 19 strategies for effectively building a platform of raving fans starting from zero.

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The Bestselling Author: Attract Your Fans, Gain Instant Influence & Get The Sales You Deserve

13 ratings
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